New Take on the Dirty Martini- The Dirty Rose

Dirty Rose Garnish

Alright Fancifiers, I’m entering into my second week on and I have approximately zero readers, which is unsurprising considering I have done very little promotion still. I want to make sure I have a variety of engaging content before I spend too much money and effort getting my name out there.

But that’s neither here nor there because I have a unique take on the dirty martini to share.

The Dirty Rose has a ridiculously appealing crimson-y reddish color that looks so much better than your everyday dirty martini. The taste is close enough to a regular dirty martini that anyone who enjoys a dirty martini won’t be scared away, but unusual enough to warrant giving a dirty martini a try.

The color comes from pickling some red cabbage right in the olive brine. It also helps tone down the “sharp” flavor of the olive brine.

I used my old standby for a dirty martini, Ketel One. I am going to experiment around with different savory flavors of vodka (pepper, habanero, garlic, etc.), anything that pairs well with olive flavors.

And since no one is reading this right now anyway, crap boob fart piss. Note to self: edit this post once I start gaining readers.

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