Strawberry and Habanero Flavored Spicy Margarita

Strawberry Habanero Margarita

Set your friends eyes ablaze and their tongues on fire with this very fancy and very spicy Strawberry-Habanero Margarita. Nothing was more addictive to my customers than a refreshing, cold margarita with a nip of spiciness on a hot day.

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Of course, I have a rather high tolerance for spice, so I like mine to cause just a little sweat. The citrus and sugar help tame the mighty beast of the habanero, but if you’re concerned just remove most of the habanero seeds when making your margaritas.

Warning/Tips About Hot Peppers

*Be very careful when working with habaneros (or any hot pepper). Their hot oils will cling to your hands and spread spicy warfare. Going to the hospital to get your eyes flushed is not very fancy.

*Always clean your knife, cutting board, tools, and hands with soap and water immediately when you’re finished working with peppers. You need to use soap to fully remove the oils, water alone will not be enough.

*You can control the spice level by removing the seeds.

Strawberry and habanero pepper

I made it fancy as fuck with the addition of a rock candy garnish flavored with the same syrup I use in the cocktail, and even though it takes some planning (it takes about a week for the rock candy to form), it’s pretty easy to make.

Strawberry Habanero Margarita

strawberry habanero margarita

(double syrup recipe if making rock candy garnish)

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Strawberry/Habanero Spicy Margarita
A spicy yet delicious margarita flavored with fresh strawberries and habanero peppers.
Strawberry Habanero Spicy Margarita
Strawberry/Habanero Syrup
Strawberry/Habanero Spicy Margarita
Strawberry/Habanero Syrup
Strawberry/Habanero Spicy Margarita
Strawberry Habanero Spicy Margarita
Strawberry Habanero Syrup
  1. Heat the water to nearly boiling and stir in sugar until completely dissolved.
  2. Lower heat to medium and add strawberries and peppers. Be very careful when dealing with hot peppers, gloves and protective eyewear are not bad ideas.
  3. Allow to simmer for about 5 minutes.
  4. Strain out berries and habaneros.
  5. Allow to cool before using.
  1. Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher.
  2. Allow to chill and serve on the rocks or blended with ice.
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strawberry habanero rock candy

To make rock candy, return 3/4 cup strained syrup to the pan and add 1/4 cup water and 2 cups sugar. Heat until all the sugar is dissolved (this may take a few minutes, sugar must be completely dissolved.) Pour super concentrated syrup in a wide Tupperware container and seal. Store for about a week until crystals are formed.

If you skip out on the spicy rock candy, a strawberry fan and lime wheel, along with a sugar rim of your choice in flavored sugar, make a perfectly fancy spicy margarita.

Really Fancy
Break off chips of your rock candy (I, carefully, used the back of a knife to tap on the candy until it broke more or less where I wanted it to.) Place your fancy crystals on top of the cocktail, or put some in a food processor to make a strawberry habanero sugar rim that matches and compliments the cocktail perfectly.

straberry habanero margarita garnish

Fancy as Fuck
Take your rock candy pieces and coat the back in a thin layer of white royal icing. Once dried, coat with another thin layer of black royal icing. This creates a geode effect that will dazzle even while it bites back with its habanero bite.

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