The “11” Ginger Maple Fizz – A Stranger Things Inspired Cocktail

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*Alert! This post may contain spoilers for “Stranger Things”. You have been alerted*

This ginger maple fizz cocktail is the third in a series of Stranger Things inspired cocktails, specifically everyone’s favorite adorable/deadly little girl, “11” (you can call her Elle.) So enjoy and check out the first two cocktails, the blackberry Upside Down and the bourbon espresso Mama Bear Byers.
Ginger Maple Fizz

11 has had a tough life. We don’t know much about her early years, but it is safe to assume she spent more time in a sterile room than outdoors, and with government doctors than a nurturing caregiver. Although a sterile room with government doctors still sounds better than being forced to travel to a hell dimension to spend time with an unspeakably scary demon monster.
11 Smiling
She’s sweet, quiet, and loyal. She also has crazy telekinetic powers and isn’t afraid to kill your ass, so don’t piss her off. Oh, and she loves Eggos. These qualities inspired the ginger maple fizz cocktail that bears her name. The ginger infused maple syrup is sweet, if slightly odd. The fresh ginger will overpower you if you’re not careful. The garnish, of course, is a miniature Eggo. (Please note, if you work for Eggos’ marketing department I will absolutely accept endorsement money for this post.)

11 eating eggos in the woods
Eggo Dedication: Straight out of the box in the woods.

This cocktail gets its “fizz” from using a raw egg white. If you are adverse to using raw egg whites, you can top of the drink with seltzer instead, but I personally love the airy bubbles of a well-made egg white cocktail, and I think you should give it a try. I should (have to) point out that eating raw egg whites can greatly increase your risk of food born pathogens, but as long as you’re getting fresh eggs you should be good. I know I’ve never gotten sick, but if you have a weak immune system or are pregnant you can absolutely go the seltzer water route.


The “11”: Ginger Maple Fizz


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The "11" Ginger Maple Fizz Cocktail Inspired By "Stranger Things"
A unique take on a vodka fizz with ginger infused maple syrup.
Ginger Maple Syrup
The "11"
Ginger Maple Syrup
The "11"
Ginger Maple Syrup
  1. Heat maple syrup and ginger in a saucepan until it just begins to bubble.
  2. Reduce heat and allow to simmer for 5-6 minutes. Use caution as hot maple syrup is like lava.
  3. Allow to cool before using.
The "11"
  1. Put vodka, syrup, lemon juice, egg white, and ice cubes in a blender. (I used my Magic Bullet)
  2. Blend on full power until the cocktail is nice and frothy (about 30 seconds.)
  3. In a tall glass, crush the fresh ginger on the bottom and top with ice.
  4. Pour cocktail on top and garnish with a mini eggo.
  5. Add a few drops of grenadine if desired to mimic 11's nose bleeds.
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Make it Fancy
A simple lemon wheel is all you need to make this drink nice and fancy.

Make it Really Fancy
Take your lemon wheel and add a piece of candied ginger to really tie the cocktail together.
Ginger Maple Fizz Garnish

Make it Fancy As Fuck
Get to the store and buy yourself some Mini-Eggos (they are totes adorable). Give it a light toast before serving. Put a little of your syrup on it and affix two small slices of fresh (or candied) ginger so that it looks like an “11”. Like 11, fresh ginger packs a punch so warn your guests. If you like to think 11 just performed some crazy telekinesis shit, put a few drops of grenadine on top of your maple ginger fizz to represent her nose bleeds.




    • I usually strain it out. Raw ginger, although delicious, can be quite intense. Most people won’t like accidentally chewing on a piece. If you use a hand juicer with a built in strainer you can get the fresh juice out without too much of the solid ginger in there and the blender will take care of the rest. If you muddle it and/or hand shake it, you’ll want to get those larger pieces out. Thanks for reading!

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