Mama Bear Byers- Espresso Infused Bourbon and Chocolate

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*Alert this post may contain spoilers for Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. You have been alerted*

Espresso, bourbon, and chocolate continue their history of being a fantastic pairing in the second of a series of cocktails inspired by Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. See the first cocktail, a Blackberry Cocktail, inspired by the Upside Down and a Ginger Maple Fizz inspired by 11.

Mama Bear Byers Espresso Bourbon and Chocolate Cocktail

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You have got to admire Winona Ryder, girl brings it. Her character Joyce Byers starts “Stranger Things” as a stereotypical stressed parent before spiraling into a crusade against inter-dimensional monsters, shady governments types, and Christmas lights. Between communicating with her son via electricity and convincing others she’s not crazy, bitch has got a lot on her damn mind, okay?

During stressful sci-fi adventures it’s important to take the edge off a bit, so the bourbon cocktail I named after Joyce is strong. As shit. But also, girl needs to stay alert, you never know when your son will try to reach out through a nightmarish portal in your living room wall after all. Infusing the bourbon with espresso helps keep mama bear Byers alert while she tries to find some comfort after her third damn phone explodes.

And then I added chocolate because chocolate is always good. Always.

So try to enjoy this espresso infused bourbon and chocolate cocktail before…

Sorry, thought I heard Will.

Mama Bear Byers

Espresso Infused Bourbon and Chocolate Cocktail

Espresso Infused Bourbon and Chocolate Cocktail

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Mama Bear Byers- Espresso Infused Bourbon and Chocolate
Espresso infused bourbon and chocolate cocktail.
espresso infused bourbon and chocolate cocktail
espresso infused bourbon and chocolate cocktail
  1. Stir ingredients with ice until chilled.
  2. Strain into a martini glass or enjoy over ice.
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I used Bulleit bourbon for my bourbon base and Cow Pie by Travis Hasse for my liqueur. I like Cow Pie because it also has notes of caramel and vanilla, but Godiva Liqueur is more readily available and is also delicious.

For my espresso bourbon, I followed this recipe but I left out the brown sugar and vanilla bean since I was adding sweetness with the chocolate liqueur and vanilla beans are freaking expensive.

This recipe easily batches out, just multiply the ingredients by how many people you plan on relaxing/caffeinating.


Espresson infused bourbon and chocolate cocktail garnish

Make It Fancy
Sprinkle a couple extra espresso beans on top of the espresso infused bourbon cocktail to give your guests an extra kick when they chew on them.

Make It Really Fancy
In your empty serving glass, draw a thin line of chocolate sauce around the rim. Take a toothpick to make menacing looking chocolate spikes down the side of the glass.

Make It Fancy As Fuck
To make this bourbon cocktail fancy as fuck while tying it into the theme, I bought a replacement pack of plastic Christmas light bulbs. Shove it on the end of a skewer and pop a Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean (Amazon link) on that bitch.


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