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Hi cocktail party enthusiasts and just plain cocktail enthusiasts!

My name is Aaron and I love making and drinking fancy cocktails, and I hope you either already do too or are looking to kick your cocktail party game up a notch.

I’ve been a bartender for 10 years, and I noticed many of my guests would judge their cocktail on appearance alone… before they even tasted it! We are a visual society, and unless your cocktails look spectacular, you will find yourself impressing few.

I also know that throwing a cocktail party can be extremely stressful if you have to spend the entire time making cocktails for your guests instead of enjoying your party.

My cocktail recipes address both of these issues. My recipes all include measurements to pre-make batches/pitchers of cocktails as well as instructions to make them look like they belong in some expensive magazine with a picture of a man in a suit or something.

My cocktails aren’t just fancy, they are fancy as fuck.

So enjoy your cocktail journey, and let me know if you’ve tried the recipes or have your own fancy as fuck ideas. I love hearing from my readers!

Contact me at aaron@fancyasf.com or

Fancy As Fuck

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