Amazing Home Bar Gift Ideas 2016

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Fancy Home Bar Gift Ideas

A Fucking Bar in a Globe

16th Century Italian Replica Globe Bar – 21 diameter – $188.95

Owning a bar in a globe has been a dream of mine for quite some time. They are just ridiculously awesome and has almost become Hollywood short hand for the awesome drinker in the movie (see: Inglorious Basterds).

If you know any home bar enthusiasts, I can almost guarantee they want one of these just as much I do. Who doesn’t want to produce a full bar from what seems like just a classy geography learning tool.

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

Oakhill Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set – $94.95

Another thing those fancy drinking people always seem to have is a glass decanter and matching glassware on a silver tray. Obviously I would rather keep this in a fucking globe (I will never get it over it), but I would still feel super fancy drinking my whiskey out of this bad boy.

Also, slap my name on it. Going the extra mile to have my name engraved on a home bar gift is a sure way to my heart forever. This way, when I’m drinking my whiskey at home I’m not an “alcoholic”, I’m a mother fucking “connoisseur”. The home bartender in your life will love it.

Pure Copper Mugs (Like a Boss!)

Monogrammed Copper Mug Set with Wood Gift Box

You may have had a Moscow Mule out of a “copper” mug at a bar before, but odds are it was copper plated. Pure copper mugs are hard to come by because bars don’t trust their patrons not to run off with an expensive piece of copper like a vandal with the copper tubing at a construction site. The home bartender only has to worry about his friends (this may or may not be worse).

This site will also stamp your initials on them, just in case one of your guests does end up having sticky fingers. Of course, your friends shouldn’t have the same initials as you, but that’s a good rule to live by anyway.

Home Bar Gift Ideas Under $50

Skull Bottles and Skull Glassware

Skull of Doom Skull Decanter and Shot Glass Set – $24.95

At a bar I used to work at we carried a premium brand of vodka that came in a skull shaped glass bottle. People admired the bottle so much they would run up giant tabs (usually way more than $50) in order to finish the vodka so that they could take the bottle home.

I was pretty stoked to learn you could buy skull bottles for less than $30, and this glass skull bottle even comes with matching skull shot glasses.
An even cooler (in my opinion) idea is this bottle with a glass skull seemingly floating in your favorite whiskey.

Phantom Skull Decanter for Liquor – $24.95


Unique Glassware

Oakmont Personalized Cocktail Glasses, Cobalt – $49.95

As a home bar owner myself (okay, it’s just a section of my countertop), I can never have enough glassware. Especially if it’s something than different than boring standard glass and comes in fun colors.

Gorgeous (and super fancy) cobalt blue makes any cocktail party instantly classy. And of course, personalizing them makes them seem extra special.

However, if clear glassware is more your style, check out these awesome wine glasses would make any home bar owner proud.

Modena Sculpted Wine Glasses, Set of 4 – $34.95


Neon Bar Signs

Another gift that can be personalized to your tastes. Every home bar needs some sort of neon sign (I’m pretty sure it’s in the constitution). This first neon sign option can be personalized for you at a reasonable price.

Although, I’m a little partial to this next neon sign, as it’s pretty much my motto.

Tabletop Beer Pong!

Mini Beer Pong – $39.99

from: Curiously Awesome Gifts
For when you just have to play beer pong but lack the space to have a full table, this tabletop beer pong looks like endless fun. Plus, since the portions are smaller you are less likely to get college dorm drunk while playing. Unless you swap the beer out for shots or mini cocktails that is, not that I’m suggesting that.

Gifts for The Home Bar Under $20

Turn Old Bottles Into Cool Home Bar Lighting

Wine Bottle Candle with Flame Protector – $12.95

If you’re anything like me, you find it nearly impossible to throw old bottles away. “I just know I’ll do something with them eventually!” I tell myself. These innovative home bar gifts help you easily and instantly turn those old bottles in a cool way to light up your home bar.

Bottle Light – $14.99

from: Curiously Awesome Gifts

Wine Bottle Candelabra – $17.99

from: Curiously Awesome Gifts

Turn a Watermelon Into a Drink Dispenser

Watermelon Keg Kit

from: Curiously Awesome Gifts
Making a cocktail in a watermelon is great summer treat. With this kit you can turn the watermelon into an easy and flavorful drink dispenser for your home bar.

Awesome Glassware For The Home Bar

Old South Personalized Mason Jar Mugs, Set of 2

As I mentioned above, you can never have enough glassware for the home bar. These are awesome examples of cool glassware you can find for under $20.

Although the personalized mason jars are currently on sale, so if you don’t act fast you might find them above the current cheap asking price.

Art and Poster Gift Ideas for the Home Bar has a ton of cool options for art and posters to decorate your home bar with or serve as home bar gift ideas. These are a few of my favorites I found for under $20.

Bonus Home Bar Gift Idea: Amazon Prime

Alright, this one is technically over $20, but its value in immeasurable.
I’m pretty obsessed with Amazon Prime. For a low monthly price you get free shipping on most items (sometimes even 2 day or same day shipping!), access to a large streaming video library that is starting to surpass Netflix, access to popular music albums/playlists/stations, free ebooks, and more

An Amazon Prime gift subscription is the gift that truly keeps on giving all year round and is perfect for anyone in your life with an internet connection.
Plus if you’re a last minute gift shopper(guilty) that free 2-day shipping really comes in handy!
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