First 3 Cocktails!

My first three cocktail recipes featuring (what I like to think are) creative garnishes are posted! This batch features fresh edible flowers, frozen fruit cubes, and the naturally color changing blue Butterfly Pea tea.

It has been a hot as balls summer in Milwaukee this year, and that definitely influenced the cocktails I made. Refreshing, light, and citrusy is the name of the game when it’s this hot. I was actually going to do a blended cocktail, but since my dumb ass insists on shooting summer cocktails in natural sun light, it melted immediately and looked terrible when photographed. Ah well, I’ll try it again next year, hopefully during a cooler day.

For the first round I chose the delightful Hibiscus Mojito, an easy Passion Fruit Sangria, and a super fancy take on a classic Aviation cocktail, A Mauve Sky.

passion sangria feat smallhibiscus featured goodMauve Sky featured

A lot of the ideas for these came from literally walking around outside. Nature is so fucking fancy, it has a ton of inspiration. I just strolled around, wondering how much I could eat of the fancy looking shit I saw.

Of course, I’m not an idiot, so I only picked ingredients I could both 100% identify and was 100% sure were edible. Don’t be an idiot yourself, if you’re not completely sure what you’re about to eat, don’t do it. There are both fresh and dried flower options online.

Here are some alternatives I found on Amazon. Hibiscus is only readily available in it’s dried form, but you can just make a tea with it and it’s delicious. Pansies can be a colorful alternative, although they don’t have the same bright citrusy taste hibiscus does.
I hope you’re inspired to make one (or all, because you’re awesome like that) of these cocktails. Let me know if you do!


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